Lew’s Reviews: Radiohead, Sydney

Who: Radiohead

Where: Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney Australia

When: November 12, 2012

Genre: Alternative rock

Overall rating:

Dice 5

Here’s why…

  • Performance: 5/6
    Thom Yorke wold have to be one of the best male singers, both vocally and lyrically. The entire band’s sound was spot on. Studio quality with the passion of playing live. A good cross-section of songs from their range of albums was featured on the set-list.
  • Production: 5/6
    You can see where some of the ticket price went with the production. Animated screens and synced lights created a powerful on-stage presence. And don’t worry if you weren’t too close the the stage, the screens often zoomed in on the individual band members, including Yorke’s customary up-close and personal shots.
  • Atmosphere: 5/6
    I think this was Radiohead’s second and much anticipated visit to Australia. As you can imagine, with over a decade’s worth of music there were plenty of fans, new and old that were ecstatic about seeing Radiohead live. I was in the standing section, giving me a bit of space to sway to the sounds. Combined with the stage production and the fans enthusiasm, the atmosphere was as electric as the music.
  • Price: 4/6
    $131 (Australian) is around the average price for an international artist to perform at a venue like the Sydney Entertainment Centre.
  • Engagement: 5/6
    Aside from fans singing along, I think the use of the screens on stage were really engaging.
  • Location: 4/6
    The Sydney Entertainment Centre isn’t a large venue, only holding around 13,000. Not quite an intimate venue, but more intimate than a sports stadium. Drinks and snacks were the usual (over) priced option for a venue.
Radiohead Concert, Sydney Entertainment Centre

Radiohead Concert, Sydney Entertainment Centre

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