Lew’s Reviews: Beyoncé – Mrs Carter Tour, Oslo

Who: Beyoncé

Where: Telenor Area, Oslo, Norway

When: May 28, 2013

Genre: Pop

Overall Rating:

Dice 4

Here’s why…

  • Performance: 4/6
    The performance is part of the well-oiled machine that’s expected of Beyoncé. Each step, each lighting change and each note perfectly practised. For me, what it was missing was a bit of soul. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the action and can definitely appreciate all of the hard work that goes into creating such a spectacle. I just didn’t leave the arena thinking that was the best concert I’d ever been to. There was a good cross-section of songs, with over 20 of them showcased. There were a lot of theme changes, which was disorientating at first, but then I quite enjoyed the swtich-up. I also have to mention the quality of the supporting performers: the dancers were outstanding, the “Mamas” (back-up singers) had great voices, and the her all-female band really filled the arena with hip-shaking music.

  • Production: 5/6
    Aside from the stage set up, a lot of effort had been put into the production of short films that were used to entertain us while there was a costume change. They seemed to centre around Beyoncé being a “Queen” figure. From Mary Antoinette inspired scenes to film noir, many genres were covered. On stage, aside from the giant HD screens, there was smoke, fire, glitter and lots and lots of lights. The zip-line to the centre of the arena was pretty cool too.

  • Atmosphere: 5/6
    Plenty of Beyoncé fans packed the arena, although it didn’t look to be a 100% sold out show. I was on the floor, but towards the back as it was way too hot to be in the middle and I didn’t dare try to get up the front. Having a bit of extra space gave us a chance to dance. Some of the songs created such a great atmosphere, while others brought the tempo down and allowed everyone to breath. One of my favourites was an African beat mash-up. Fierce dancing, lots of lights and colour. Really enjoyable to hear and see.

  • Price: 4/6
    Better than expected at 585kr or around US$100. If I had seen the same concert in Sydney I would paid at least $50 more. However, what is saved on the ticket was spent on the seriously expensive drinks.

  • Engagement: 4/6
    A highlight of the show was Beyoncé zip-lining into the centre of the crowd, where a small stage was set up. It meant that for those (like myself) who weren’t squished up the front, got a bit of a closer look. The dancers joined her and they performed a couple of songs before running back up to the stage. There were lots of shout outs to “Oslo” and a bit of audience sing-a-longs, but has mentioned, it was a bit formulaic.

  • Location: 4/6
    Telenor Arena is the biggest venue in Oslo. Set on the western outskirts of the city, it was handy to have extra shuttle buses to take the thousands of fans to the venue. Although this cost 100kr ($17) return. It’s a great venue for a large scale production, as it allows for all the extra rigging required for an international pop performance. The biggest pitfall was the toilets. There were only port-a-loos and were full before Beyoncé even came on. The positive was there was no drinks queue… but I think that’s because of how expensive they are. A cider was over 80kr ($14). So I just had the one, which was good because then I didn’t need to queue up for 20mins to use a broken loo.

Concert, Beyonce, Beyoncé, Mrs Carter, Tour, Review, Oslo

Beyoncé – Mrs Carter Tour, Telenor Arena, Oslo

Beyonce, Beyoncé, Tour, Concert, Mrs Carter Tour, Review

Beyoncé – Mrs Carter Tour, Telenor Arena, Oslo

Concert, Beyonce, Beyoncé, Mrs Carter, Tour, Review, Oslo

Beyoncé – Mrs Carter Tour, Telenor Arena, Oslo

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